Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Glimpse of the future...

Ok well we finally won a game 13-3. I was starting to wonder if I was bad luck. The game started well when the fourth batter of the game blasted a three run homer for us and the hit parade continued. I only played the last three outs as I went in to play centerfield when our centerfielder went in to finish the game on the mound. Baseball is alot more fun when you win. The bad thing is our team has some time off, We do not play again as a team until the 19th of July since the Belgium National team has some things going on in the next two weeks. I guess that gives me some time to maybe see some surrounding areas. Today we are headed to see the Dutch play the Cubans, which should be intersting. This weekend though we do have baseball as the Belgium National Team is playing the International Allstars in a two day, two game Exhibition series. Somehow I think you basically only have to be from another country to make the team because at a steller 0-2 I have somehow made the team. I am an ALLSTAR... ha.
Nothing to exciting happened yesterday. I worked out again and I think I am putting my body through some serious shock. I think it has been since last Oct/Nov since I had done any weight training so I have been waking up quite sore the past couple of days, but I feel better about myself and I think today I am just going to go for a run outside instead of going to the gym.
One other note I know that it is July 2nd and so I would love to wish my favorite brother in-law Mitch Urosevich a Happy Birthday. Have a wonderful day Mitch.

See Ya.

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Mitch said...

I guess I will take the love where I can get it, but considering I am your only brother-in-law - not sure how much being your favorite is really saying. That is kind of like saying that you are Mia's favorite Uncle.

Take care Mike and congrats on being an All-Star. Just know that Mia has always considered you an All-Star!