Friday, July 4, 2008

I am depressed...

Junior and Sander... Two of my host brothers.

Picture of us at the Holland vs Cuba Exhibition game.

Before you get to worried about my time here I am just fighting a small case of Fourth of July Depression and that is it. I would really enjoy being out at the Village today, being out on that water boating, and having a great BBQ but I guess I do not have to much to worry about.
Well I did not feel like blogging yesterday, not much happened. We went out last night back to the same club that we had been the week before, it was a good time and we made it home earlier than last week which was good. Today I got a reader for my memory card so there will be more pictures soon, I just need to find the best and easiest way to put them up, so give me alittle time. Hope you all enjoy the great holiday in the States. I am going to one of the Belgium guys birthday party at one of the Canteens here. Sounds like they celebrate birthdays about the same way we do... Sounds like there will be plenty of Belgium beer. I will be silently celebrating the 4th though, just without the joy of hearing really loud noises crackle throgh the air.

Happy Birthday America.


Jason. said...

I share in your depression, it seems. As I sit in the clubhouse, waiting for the relentless rain clouds to pass, I too yearn for a lake, a bbq and all the accompanying activities.

Rain in the DC beltway on the 4th. Even God is disappointed in America these days.

The Cupcake Lady said...

Mike! J&L shared your blog address with us. I can't seem to figure out how to get the comments to work on your current post, so I'm resorting to the next best thing. I think that you might be Belgian for more than drinking beer and eating fried potatoes, as you are referring to someone or thing as the Ding Ding Man? Perhaps your new found dialect and cultural immersion can be explained by you dancing the nights away with your older "aunts" half way across the world???? Seriously, it's good to hear.
Check Al's site at cupcakesinchicago and Big A's at sudoaptget, both are on blogspot, for a little update from the homeland. BTW-Al's has more readable info.