Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy Birthday.

Last night we went out for a birthday party in Hoboken, it is a town close to ours that also has a club team. There were probably about 60 to 70 people there ranging from all ages. That had a dj and a dance floor. It reminded me of a small Remsen wedding reception... Yes for all of us who knows where and what Remsen IA is all about it might be a scary thought, but really it was a great time. The people here are so social and love to party. You might think that it is just the young ones that want to have a good time, but it is everyone. There were 55 year old ladies partying still at 4:30 am. We danced the night away, I was a big hit with a couple of the really older ladies becuase I danced with them all night. Like I said it felt like a wedding reception, it was a blast. So my America blues were gone once I found my spot there. A few of us made it a very late night and walked out of the Canteen as the sun was coming up. We walked back to one of the Americans spot and took a three hour nap before having to get up and drive to Brussels for the Belgium National game versus the International All-Stars... Our host mother had given us her GPS navigation system but it took us the most awkard as backwards way to the field, but I got to see some great Belium Countryside. We won 6-4. I pitched the last two innings and did alright except I hit one of the batters in the head. That is the second time that I have done that in 3 outings.. He had a large bump on the side of his head, soon I think they are going to wonder if I am doing it on purpose.... I might be blacklisted here if I do not stop doing that! Just kidding but I seriously need to stop. As I write this my host mom just came in and I just tried my first authentic Belgian Waffle, they had gotten stuff from the Ding Ding Man! Anyway I am out for now... Peace

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