Thursday, July 24, 2008

Week in review.

I'm back. I guess I have been busier this past week then I have recently been so I am sorry that I have not wrote an entry since last Friday.

This past weekend was good. It was our last free weekend before games start back up. We had the picnic at the club. There was a Belgium cover band that played songs from the 60s 70s and 80s. I thought they were alright, but it is funny to hear them speak in Flemish and then try to sing the songs in English. After the picnic my roommate and I went to over to a teammates who lives close to downtown and then went and hung out at Marmite, a nice small pub that we frequently visit.

The morning came early on Sunday and we were supposed to be at a camp. We made it there on time thanks to some skillful driving by our teammate, but there was no one to be found. There were some miscommunication so we ended up driving to Brussels to have some coffee and a crossiant. We drove home and watched our little brothers Tball games. Then the rest of Sunday was just full of lounging around. I got bored later in the night and decided that I wanted to shave my beard, but I left a great mustache, but really it is just a joke. (That is for you O'leary)

Monday was Belgium National Holiday. There is no fireworks or any organized BBQ. Most people do recieve the day off so everyone was at the house all day. We had planned to play minature golf but the weather did not cooperate. We decided that bowling would have to do. The little ones were excited, but the older brothers did not want to go. So just Ingrid, Junior, Sander, Ryan and I went. We bowled one game and I won! I bowled a 136 for anyone interested. Also I started my job out of K.C. on Monday. It is really easy, but not that entertaining, but I can do it when ever I feel like it and so that is very convienent.

Tuesday came and we were back to baseball again. I knew I was going to start on the mound so I planned my day accordingly. I knew that we were not playing the best team in the league, but I really wanted to do well since I was coming into the game 0-2. I felt like I had put some pressure on myself to do well and prove to myself that I could still pitch. The game went well. I ended up pitching a complete game 2 hitter. I had a no hitter going into the 5th, and a one hitter into the 9th. I definitly felt the best I have since I have been over here, but I could feel a decline in velocity after about the 4th inning. It will get stronger hopefully soon.

Nothing exciting happened yesterday. My arm was really sore so I went and tried to workout and run hard to help it. Ryan and I coached the Junior team practice. Today we have another game. I enjoyed the time without baseball, but I really like that we are playing again. It gives us more to do.

Until next time.


Neal said...

Neal here sorry I have been behind on reading your blogs. Very interesting and well written. I am glad to hear you are taking in the local quisine like mussels, coffee, and croisonts. I love the pictures too, they give a great sense of how cool that country is. Like to see that you are sharing your extensive bike riding skills with your host brother. Also glad to hear about how well your last outing went. A no no through the fifth is very impressive. Good luck on your next outing and remember 0-2 hits are a bad thing. Just kidding, have a good one, and I look forward to reading about your next adventure.

Anonymous said...

Nice beard joke Hammer. I laughed out loud. Good luck holding down two jobs!