Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Full House

We are back to full capacity in the house. My roommate Ryan is back from his Spain trip. He came back a full 6 kilos (13 lbs.) lighter. Three of the four guys ate a spanish dish that must have not been so good. They all ended up with food poisioning and the fourth did not eat it and was fine. They spent the two days they were in Barcelona in the hotel laying and sleeping. Other than that they did take part in the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona before the dreaded meal. But it is good to have him back all in one piece.

The rest of the week has been pretty quiet. We have started up practice again and I have been working out with one of my teammates extra for the last three days. We go to the field during the afternoon and have been taking alot of extra swings and just hanging out at the ballpark. It has been nice to get some more work in and especially in the hitting category so maybe I can turn my .000 BA into some solid numbers, but it will be an uphill climb.

Oh this week I landed two jobs. One is a one day camp or Inititiation down in Brussels where my roommate and I are going to go teach English speaking children the game of baseball. From what I have gathered, these kids know very little about the game so it should be very elementary. The purpose of these camps is to promote the game of baseball, as it is not a small sport to many people here in Belgium. My other job is actually based out of Kansas City. I recieved this job from Chad, the American that had played about 9 years ago in Belgium. We were talking last weekend as we watched the Belgium National Team play. He set me up doing some initial internet recruiting for his company that does Sport Tours for college and highschool kids around the World. So I talked to the people back in Kansas City yesterday (via Skype) and they emailed me the information to get started. I clock in by sending an email when I start and stop. It is just some mindless work, but when I have free time over here it looks to be a great setup. I guess that is exciting and it will bring me some extra income to help out with expenses over here.

Oh in my last entry I told you about teaching my host brother to ride a bike. Everyone was so happy... Yesterday my host mom joked about how she was mad at me because I think I have created a bike riding monster. Sander now comes home and immediatly wants to go to the park and ride his bike. We have also started on Junior to ride his bike without training wheels. He actually can ride his brothers bike better, so I believe he is going to take over that bike and Sander is going to get a new bike while they go on their vacation to Holland (no better place to buy a bike.) So I guess that I might have caused more problems, but Ingrid then told me she was still happy that I am teaching them to ride, she said it will make life easier for her in the end.

I love to share music and it was shared to me. Brett Dennen... (pop, indie, folk rock) My friend Kirsten told me about him and I think he rocks... I am actually listening to him right now!

Goodbye until next time...

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