Monday, June 30, 2008

Becoming Belgian...

My host brother's girlfriend told me tonight that I have already become a real Belgian. It was after the younger team practice (my host brother's play on) My roommate and I went to get some extra work in, something that I greatly need to get into the shape that I need to be in. We messed around there and took batting practice with the guys.
There was one kid, Shawn, he helped catch in for me and was very interested me and what I had done in baseball. One question he asked was how long I had been playing the game, I thought about it for a few minutes and told him 20 yrs... Which is crazy, but then I asked him "How long have you been playing?" He told me around 1 year. I was amazed... He then told me that he really likes baseball, and that he did not like soccer at all. It is quite a shocking answer from a kid who has grown up in Europe his whole life. He was definitly a beginner, but another kid told me he has come a very long way from when he first started to play. Even when we were not playing I felt that he was very passive and shy. I would like to see his progress as the season continues. It is fun to see someone trying to find their way in baseball, and maybe there is some things that I can do to help in his progress.
After practice we went into the "Canteen" (the team meeting place/bar, One day I am going to blog all about the Canteen and the structure of the Team, how it setup and the history behind the club. I need some more time for research though.) There I ordered an Ice cold glass bottle of Coca-Cola. Some of us stayed around and played ping-pong for awhile. The boys wanted to go home so we came back and decided to go to the Fritour, which in america would translate into a Fry Shop. Ryan, Sebas and myself went to the shop and brought home food for Cedric and Christina (Sebas girlfriend). The Fry shop not only has fries, buy crazy other items that all get thrown into a deep fat fryer. Oh it is not the healthiest food, it ranks up there with food you would get at a fair. We brought it home and I got a beer out of the fridge. Christina turned to me and said that I was a true Belgian Man now since I was eating fries and drinkin beer at the same time. I have to admit it was pretty stereotypical. Today Ingrid took me to their place to workout at, so now I have a great workout facility that has everything I need to workout in and keep all the lbs. off that I acquire from the fried food and beer.



Mitch said...

Mike - I have news for your new friend Christina. If eating fried food and drinking beer constitutes being a Belgium, the population just got a lot larger than 10 million. You can let her know that she can be an American as long as she adds watching TV into the mix of eating fried food and drinking beer.

I am really glad to hear the trip is going so well. Have fun on your trip to Holland and we look forward to hearing all about it.

Stefania said... there any mayonnaise served with those fries or is that strictly for the dutch??
Glad to hear you're having such a nice time there hammertime... And about the "travel stuff" careful my's highly addictive! Consider yourself warned:)

Mitch said...

Mike - We wanted to let you know that we received your text message. Thanks for giving us a heads up and the pictures look great. As an FYI, for some reason it looks like the comments link is no longer showing up on your posts. Not sure if this is an option you can turn on/off. Take care and we look forward to talking with you soon. Your Mom and Dad say hello.