Saturday, June 28, 2008

Holy Cow!

Today we had another game at 3:30... Except for that fact that our team did not really show up. We were there but that was it. We lost 11-0. We do not look so good so far, but I know that they showed great concern becuase after the game the coach came and apologized and said sorry that we looked so bad, he said that was the worst game that he had seen all year. I told him it was alright and I had no reason to be to mad becuase I was the DH and I went a steller 0-3. Yeah I am a bit rusty when I step up to the plate, but my roommate has told me that I have seen back to back some of the best pitchers I will see all year. I just hope they don't give up on me and continue to let me hit, cause I know what I am doing and need to shorten my swing up. There was one point in the game that blew my mind. Same inning two routine popfly outs that were not caught and then we pitched a kid that can only throw a fastball. It almost was a disgrace to our team but I just sat there and laughed. The hardest thing about being in the game is so many people speak Flemish (dialect of Dutch) so I have to have some of the guys translate for me, they could talk behind my back if they wanted to but I think they like me... actually I HOPE they like me so far. So now tomorrow we are having a team meeting. Our older coach feels that we are playing with no heart. I believe I will throw tomorrow since you can only have the Americans pitch on one of the two weekend days. None of us threw today so we will throw tomorrow.
I really do enjoy the time that I have with my host family. We had tacos today, but our tacos had mushrooms in with the chicken Ingrid cooked up. I actually really liked them. The food here is similiar with some differences. We are definitly spoiled with ground meat in the midwest, the beef here really does not look like beef. I have enjoyed everything Ingrid has made. She made my roommate and I sandwiches for our games. I really do not know what was on them, but I really liked them. I am glad I am not a very picky eater. (Joe might struggle some here.) She does ask what I like but I tell her I like everything so she makes everything! Hung out and played in the Garden(backyard) after dinner again with the older boys. They crushed us in some backyard soccer. Then came in and played video games. We all have common interest in baseball and sports so it is easy for us to interact. Another succesful day minus the baseball game.... Peace

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